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The Role of the Private Investigator in Pre-Employment Background Checks

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Having a Private Investigator conduct Pre-Employment Background Checks is now more important than ever.  According to the Department of Commerce, 30% of employees steal from their companies. Hiring someone with a troubled history can lead to financial loses for the company, medical or harassment lawsuits, and even laundering.

An employer can conduct a background check, in which they can check credentials, trust their gut feeling from first impressions, conduct interviews, and check references. However, these simple checks can be faulty. Potential employees can lie about credentials, including college education, and can submit references that will be highly favorable, or even friends posing as former employers.

This is when hiring a Private Investigator to conduct a full scale Background Investigation can be crucial. Private Investigators can see if someone applying for a financial position has a history of filing for bankruptcy, or if a potential driver for a moving company has a bad driving history. Private Investigators can uncover assets and determine financial stability and status, which can be particularly helpful for anyone working with investors. For example, the recent New York scandal of the Broadway play “Rebecca” revealed a serial con man that posed as a key investor and faked his own death in order to defraud his clients.

Private Investigators can investigate social media activity and uncover business interests to make sure that the potential employee will be a healthy, dedicated fit to their company. Private Investigators can also research criminal and civil case histories to ensure that the potential new employee won’t try to bring up lawsuits against the company for financial gain.

Samos Investigations, LLC provides special investigation services for attorneys and individuals in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Contact us or call 484-467-6911 for more information.

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