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Hire a Private Investigator for Personal Injury Cases

car wreck

Your client has been injured and it is your job to make the case. Your best first step is to contact a private investigator. Here’s why.

Collect the Evidence

There is evidence to be collected on every incident. Some of it is perishable – it won’t last forever. So, it is best to gather it as soon as possible.

  • Scenes change and evidence can be removed or erased over time

  • Memories fade

  • Documentation can get lost

Contact a PI right away when you take a case. That gives you and your client the greatest chance of capturing all the evidence available.

Identify Key Witnesses

Witnesses can be critical to making a case. Finding and interviewing them right away is essential. The incident is fresh in their minds and telling the story helps with recollection later.

Secure contact information so you know when and how to locate each witness when needed. Make sure people know they may be contacted again and/or asked to testify.

The last thing you want is to try to find a witness when your court date is looming.

Create Documentation

The more information that is documented when an incident occurs the stronger the case. Police reports are valued, in part, because they document evidence and statements shortly after an incident occurs.

A private detective can help you create your own immediate documentation of an event. This includes photographing the scene, talking to people involved, gathering documentation, and more. While your case may take months to develop, the documentation you need should be gathered right away.

Partner with a Professional

A licensed professional private investigator provides professional, accurate, and reliable investigative services for attorneys, companies and consumers for personal injury cases and more. They make sure you have what you need to get the best results for your client.

Samos Investigations private investigators are located in Exton, PA. We serve criminal defense, family law, and personal injury attorneys in Southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Investigative services include criminal defense investigations, personal injury investigations, witness location investigations and financial investigations.

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