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Witness Location & Statements in Southeastern PA

Witnesses are important elements for success at trial. The unexpected absence of witnesses can cause major problems with case preparation and presentation.

There have been many cases where key witnesses skip town or dramatically change stories from police interviews to the courtroom. If you need help finding a witness in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, we can help.

How important are witnesses for your case?

Samos Investigations locates missing witnesses employing skip tracing software and extensive detective work. We have access to background investigation tools that provide necessary leads in finding and retrieving witnesses. Our extensive experience in police matters enables us to perform additional analyses to corroborate or dispute witness statements collected in PA or NJ.

By having good creditable witnesses they perform a sacred duty of assisting the court to discover the truth. If good, credible witnesses are not there to testify, you will never win your case.

This is where hiring a private investigator comes into play. The easy to locate  witnesses anyone can find, but what do you do when they hit a dead end? By retaining a private investigator, we can access many different databases that are only available to those in the private investigation business.


Google is everybody’s best friend, but databases designated for licensed private investigators are a private investigator’s best friend as the result can be priceless.

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