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Personal Injury Investigations

Samos Investigations has years of experience with personal injury investigations.

We have provided fraud investigations for the top 10 major insurance providers, saving them millions of dollars against fraudulent claims. We have also helped attorneys gather facts and evidence for personal injury litigation.

Personal Injury Investigations

Personal injuries can be slips and falls, automotive and motorcycle accidents, work accidents, and professional malpractice. Injuries can cause lost wages, reduced ability to function and other losses.

If you want to win your case, contact a Samos Investigations private investigator for help to get all the facts viable for the case.

Witnesses still need to be interviewed or re-interviewed. Going to the scene of the incident and getting photographs can provide credible information for the file.

Due diligence work conducted by a private investigator out in the field can only help get to the important facts for the case for plaintiff or defendant. Attorneys who don’t take the step of hiring a private investigator to confirm the facts, can wind up with unexpected developments and disappointed clients.

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Insurance Fraud Investigations

With the increase of insurance fraud, it can be difficult to prove if someone is being truthful when they file a personal injury insurance claim. Samos Investigations applies investigative skills to review records and perform surveillance to ascertain honest and ethical behavior by claimants.

We conduct asset reviews, background checks, interviews and more in Southeastern PA and New Jersey.

Our skilled investigators can determine if a claim is legitimate or if the person is trying to commit fraud. We conduct thorough and documented investigations to get to the facts and provide the documentation needed to evaluate claims.


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