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The Role of the Private Investigator in Due Diligence Reviews for Business Transactions

financial investigation

The need for Due Diligence Reviews in both financial and personal sectors is great, and Private Investigators can play an important part in many facets of the due diligence process. A recent survey from Corgentum Consulting found that 90% of those who perform operational due diligence feel that background investigation are essential to the process. Whether performing asset reviews for clients about to make business transactions or making sure that someone isn’t about to become a victim of embezzlement, private investigators ensure safety to clients.

Private investigators can be immeasurable assets to investors and other parties considering financial transactions. By conducting searches on account balances and background checks on potential buyers or creditors, Private Investigators can uncover information that may make a potential investment risky or suspicious. Due diligence investigations are especially important before a merger or acquisition.  They can assist the parties involved by making sure that there are no hidden liabilities that will harm the different members of the transaction.

Private Investigators can use tactics such as forensic account investigations, surveillance, and background checks to investigate potential business partners. They will also perform criminal checks, make regulatory inquiries, and search previous litigation of the potential investment company.  Media searches can help find other news stories that may reveal previous risky behavior.  Private Investigators will then discuss the findings with the client to best inform them on their potential transaction.

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