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A Private Detective Is a Family Law Attorney’s Best Asset

private detective

A private detective can be an important asset for family law attorneys. Attorneys want to get the best result for clients. That means taking time to gather important facts and information.

The information that a private detective can gather helps to achieve the best result in family law cases. A private investigator can help in these client scenarios:

  • Paying too much alimony or child support

  • Suspicion that a spouse or former spouse has a live-in partner

  • Cheating

  • Unknown net cash worth

  • Cannot locate their spouse

Surveillance Can Prove Cohabitation

A client may have a suspicion that a spouse or former spouse is cohabiting with someone. Often, that information is carefully withheld during family law proceedings.

This is the perfect opportunity to use private investigation services. Surveillance can prove cohabitation. That information can save a client thousands of dollars in reduced alimony and/or child support payments.

PIs Unmask Cheaters

Suspected cheating leads many people to seek the help of a divorce lawyer. A private detective can gather the evidence needed to prove these hunches.

Clients want to know the truth. And, they want to know who broke up their marriage. Surveillance with photos never lies.

Financial Asset Discovery

Often family law clients have never seen a bank or brokerage statement in all the years they have been married. Knowing the net cash worth is important to getting to the best result.

A private investigator can do an asset check. Investigators can do the digging to document assets. Often, the work uncovers hidden assets that impact financial settlements.

Sometimes, there is also question about employment and income. An investigator can use surveillance, social media, and other tools to gather the evidence needed.

Finding the Missing

Private investigators find people, even people who do not want to be found. Everyone has a footprint they have left in their travels. A little detective work can give an attorney the information needed to move a client case ahead.

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