Is a Private Investigator an Asset to the Legal Team?

As an investigator, I think it is important for attorneys to consider if they are using all the resources they have to win their case(s).

I recently spoke to a group of trial attorneys about the importance of hiring a private investigator. The most common question trial attorneys ask when determining the importance of hiring a Private Investigatro is, “Can’t my staff do the investigation in-house?”  Sure you can investigate your case yourself but that does not mean you should. Leave the investigation to the professional Hire a licensed investigator with experience because they can be the most important asset to your case.

Investigators can help from the first client intake appointment to the final day of Trial.  The investigator is trained to get a comprehensive history of the client’s life.  Investigators can conduct interviews with the clients and witnesses in thier home at a time that is outside the usual 8 to 5 schedule.  Interviews that take place at home during the evening or weekend create a more relaxed atmosphere which can lend to a much more productive interview.  A good investigator knows how to read a witness, they are trained not only to listen to what is said but to also listen to what is not being said.  A good investigator will pursue all possible leads because we know even the smallest detail can be valuable.  Our skill set allows us to focus on the client, the case facts/details and the witnesses, while the attorney can focus on the legal aspect of the case.  Hiring a private investigator is s cost that can be passed onto the client as a case preparation cost.

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