All good investigators strive to learn new skills. Most skilled investigators are true readers. Some investigators are autodidacts (self-directed learners).

To be an expert in your field, you should read one book about it every week. Seriously, one book a week. But what happens when you are having difficulty getting through the book because you are encountering material that is over your head?

A great solution to this is 3×5 index cards in two colors. Write down what is going well on one color and what you are struggling with on another. Do this for small portions of the book at a time and use other resources to get a grasp of the problem area. Don’t move on until you overcome all the areas over which you struggle. If it is something you can practice hands-on in the real world, then do so. An example would be to actually use the the software you are reading about and work through the aspect that presents some difficulty. As you overcome the things you struggled with, write them on the going well cards but note that they were originally difficult

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