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The Role of the Private Investigator in Pre-Nuptial Agreements

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One of the more sensitive tasks in both law and private investigations regards pre-nuptial agreements. Attorneys need a completely discrete and thorough investigation to be performed by a professional private investigator with a specialist’s knowledge on gathering the necessary information from the appropriate sources. This means an experienced, licensed, bonded, insured, and security-oriented investigator with cutting-edge technological skills and tools.

A complete investigative file is just as important in cases where there is a legal challenge to a prenuptial contract, or a prenuptial termination. With the exponential growth of the Internet and online dating services (17% of marriages over the last three years began with online dating), private investigations and background checks have truly become essential for common sense protection, whether there is a prenuptial agreement or not. For almost any couple, all due diligence facts are better revealed before a prenuptial is even necessary. Here is what’s included in the role of the private investigator for prenuptial considerations:

  • The process begins with Identity verification using social security screening techniques. Most people think they know whom they are marrying; however, secret pasts, military records, and name changes need to be uncovered/carefully scrutinized. It’s of the highest importance to validate the  identity of a prospective spouse.

  • Family history including marriage, divorce, child support, and alimony also requires investigation. Bigamists are the world’s greatest liars, and any past legal or common-law relationships need to be brought to light.

  • The next step is an intensive criminal background check using local, state, and federal resources. This includes fugitive wanted lists, arrest warrants, felony convictions and DUI arrests. As an extra precaution, names should also be checked against the lists of registered sex offenders. Private Investigations also search out tax evasion and any other financial activities that are unusual or suspect.

  • Private investigators who are adept at fieldwork evolve discerning instincts about people and their information profiles. Like cops with street knowledge, they’re trained from experience to see any indicators and red flags that lay beneath the surface of only cursory examinations.

  • Finally, with most of this available on databases on the Internet, there are still places to visit and people to interview if questions should arise. A private investigator always has great shoes and is never afraid to journey for the truth.

Samos Investigations, LLC provides special investigation services for attorneys and individuals in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Contact us or call 484-467-6911 for more information.

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