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The Role of the Private Investigator in Pre-Employment Background Checks of Domestic Servants

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Many people underestimate the importance of a private investigator in pre-employment background checks. However the unique resources of private investigators are invaluable to pre-employment screening, particularly in the case of hiring domestic servants. Since a domestic servant works in the employer’s home, it is a much more intimate and trust-based relationship than most other employee/employer relationships and adequate screening should be performed to ensure a successful and non-stressful experience.

Domestic servants clean houses, prepare meals, handle personal belongings, and even care for children, making what you know about a potential domestic servant and their work habits of the utmost importance.

A PI can perform pre-employment background checks that cover great detail and depth, going far beyond the average examination. Often agencies who promise “pre-screened” employees only perform the most basic and cursory of screenings that can miss important details, particularly if the employee deliberately omits information or references from previous employers that cast the employee in a bad light.

If a potential employee is anxious to hide or cover something up, that is when the services of a private investigator reveal their true value. Experienced investigators have access to numerous databases that the average person doesn’t have, and the experience to know where to look to uncover all the pertinent information.

Don’t leave your home or children vulnerable when hiring domestic servants. Performing a complete and accurate pre-employment screening offers peace of mind and security. It is an investment that can pay off in a long and successful domestic employee relationship.

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