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Private Investigator Services Are a Worthy Investment

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You think your spouse is cheating. Your intuition is probably right, but you need proof. Hiring a private investigator isn’t free, but it is a worthwhile investment as you consider your next steps.

Do you really want to stay with someone who has their cake and eats it too? You need solid information and paying an investigator to get it for you is often the right solution.

Private Investigators Get to the Truth

The first dividend of hiring a private investigator is getting to the truth. You will turn your gut feeling into tangible evidence. “I think” and “I guess” turns into “I know.” That’s a powerful position.

With the evidence a PI will provide, you can decide what to do next. You have the facts and are now able to act on those facts as you see fit.

Strengthen Your Divorce Case

Should you decide to divorce, the evidence gathered through private investigation will help and support your case.

Having evidence to provide could simplify the back-and-forth in your proceedings. It can lead to improved alimony and child support orders.

Weigh the Cost

Now that you know the benefits, you can assess the value of hiring a private investigator. Cheating spouse investigations in the greater Philadelphia area average $1500-2000. It may be the best money you can spend, whether it gets you peace of mind or the information you need to proceed with a divorce.

The money you spend on an investigation can pay for itself if you then have a quicker divorce with a beneficial financial settlement. After all, you will be able to prove which party’s actions did damage to the marriage.

Opt for a PI with a Proven Track Record

The best way to ensure that you get your money’s worth is to hire a private investigator with experience handling cheating spouse investigations. Hiring someone who is inexperienced or who does not know how to gather solid evidence can be a waste of both money and time.

Look for a PI who has taken on these types of cases and gotten results. You can research online and also research using the member directories of organizations like the Pennsylvania Association of Licensed Investigators.

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