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Private Investigator Missing Person Service Gets Results


I recently received a call from a potential client inquiring about our missing person service. The missing person was his 12 year old son who he hadn’t seen or heard from for over two weeks.

After a short discussion, I recommended the caller hang up with me and call 911 in order to make a police report.

The dad calling apparently didn’t initially call the police because one of his friend’s young children went missing and the police supposedly didn’t do much. That sounded odd to me. As a former police officer, I found that hard to believe.

The next day he emailed me telling me the happy story that within an hour of making the report to the police his son was located and returned him to his family.

The moral of the story is by dialing 911 you can make a bad situation into a good one. Coincidentally, my contact number is 484-467-6911 with the emphasis on 911!

How to Find a Missing Person 

Someone you love is missing. When should you call 911 and when should you call a private investigator for service? You want to do both.

In any missing persons case, the first hours someone is missing are crucial. By using a private investigator from the start, we can have boots on the ground. The police may have a major backlog and can’t get to your investigation right away.

The best thing to do is to make a police report as soon as possible. Be prepared with the information the police will need to create a complete report.

Next, call a private investigator immediately for location services.

Missing Person Service in Divorce

Sometimes a a missing person can be related to a divorce. One spouse may decide to leave unannounced with small children.

Who would you turn to for immediate results? Once again, a private investigator can hit the pavement running to locate your troubled spouse and your young children.

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