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Building A Solid Personal Injury Case

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The internet is full of advice on how to build a solid personal injury case. Most include the advice to hire a skilled lawyer. Unfortunately, many of the tips skip another essential step – involving a private investigator.

Personal injuries can be slips and falls, automotive and motorcycle accidents, work accidents, and professional malpractice. Injuries can cause lost wages, reduced ability to function and other losses. Getting the right compensation is essential.

Assessing loss means considering short-term as well as long-term issues. Experienced attorneys know there are several different types of damages that can be involved in personal injury cases. Claim calculators can miss important nuances that a skilled attorney will not overlook.

Facts and evidence help to prove damages and make the case for proper compensation. A private investigator can help determine and gather all that is needed to build a solid case.

The Role of the Private Investigator in Personal Injury Cases

Due diligence work conducted by a private investigator out in the field can only help get to the important facts for the case for plaintiff or defendant. Attorneys who don’t take the step of hiring a private investigator to confirm the facts, can wind up with unexpected developments and disappointed clients.

  • Facts need to be gathered at the scene

  • Witnesses need to be interviewed or re-interviewed

  • Evidence needs to be secured – photographs, reports, medical records and more

Building a case requires methodical effort. Having a strong case prepared for trial can pressure the responsible party to offer a fair settlement.

If the other side senses that you have not done the work to build your case, they’ll be more likely to low ball your settlement offer. If they know you’re ready to go to trial and win, they’ll be more inclined to pay you an adequate amount.

Personal injury cases often involve several settlement offers before final settlement. Having facts and evidence in hand can help determine the best offer in each situation. Facts strengthen the case and mitigate the risk of unwanted surprises.

Next Steps

Contact a Samos Investigations private investigator today for help to get all the facts viable for your case. Our personal injury private detectives serve Southeastern PA and New Jersey.

We get to the bottom of questions and pursue the facts so you can proceed with confidence. We share your goal of getting the right compensation for each and every situation.

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