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As an experienced licensed private investigator, Samos Investigations, LLC can help clients in Pennsylvania and New Jersey with cases involving infidelity issues, nursing home investigations, insurance claims, accident scenes, and, asset and background checks. Service offerings include scene investigation, alive and well-verification, informant interviews, and asset and background checks. Investigations and searches can be continued by our Philadelphia detective after the police have stopped their efforts.

Due Diligence Reviews

Samos Investigations, LLC is a leader in asset reviews on behalf of investors and other parties considering financial transactions.  Through our efforts, we may unearth information, such as bank and brokerage account balances…

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General Investigations

With years of experience, Samos Investigations, LLC can handle many different types of investigations – assessing accident scenes, performing asset evaluations and background checks, or seeking missing persons…

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Domestic Investigations Cheating Spouses

If a spouse or partner is suspected of being untruthful about their activities, Samos Investigations, LLC, working as your personal private eye, can document the truth. Samos will gather evidence of infidelity, adultery or other questionable acts by spouses…

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Location Services

Samos Investigators are skip-trace experts and competent locators of debtors. Through our extensive assortment of tracing resources and information assets, such as informants, interviews and surveillance…

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Dating and Relationships

Do you know who you are dating? There are people out there that misrepresent themselves with the intention of gaining access to assets…

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Words oftentimes cannot express the totality of the intent of the speaker. Wordsmiths though we may be, by definition tonality and physicality are omitted from the text of written communications. That said, Samos Investigations doggedly pursues assignments and always goes the extra mile for our law firm. When clients retain our firm to fight for their rights in personal injury cases, it’s no accident that Alex is on call and an integral part of the team. We consider Alex an extraordinary asset in our personal injury practice!”

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Thanks for the fast and efficient investigation of my job candidate’s criminal and employment background. I was happy with the results!”

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