States grapple with health insurance exchanges
Washington Post
Steve Gottwalt, a three-term Republican with 10 years’ experience in the health-care industry, is no fan of last year’s health-care law — or its requirement that states set up insurance exchanges. But as chairman of the Health and Human Services Reform …

Nevada secures partial waiver from federal health care law

Las Vegas Sun

The change is less the feds giving underperforming insurance agencies a free pass than buying time for providers to shape up, or policyholders to ship out with reasonable warning time: Nevada has no law that says if you lose insurance because your …

Nursing Homes and Home Care Agencies Seek Exemption from Health Care Law …


Because of this, employee benefits such as health insurance coverage are often limited or cut out entirely. Among workers who provide hands-on care to nursing home residents, one in four has no health insurance. Under the new law, coverage is deemed …

Nursing Homes Seek Exemption From Health Care Law

National Journal

Many health care attendants, who make between $10 and $12 an hour, could not afford the high premium rates for insurance provided through the homes. Under the law, premiums that exceed 9.5 percent of the employee’s income would be deemed unaffordable. …

The New Old Age: Nursing Homes Seek Exemption From Employee Insurance Requirement

New York Times (blog)

By THE NEW YORK TIMES Many nursing homes do not provide health insurance for their employees and are lobbying for an exemption to the new health care law, which would require them to do so, The Times reports this morning. The numbers are stark. …

The link for this news feed is no longer available on the NY times site

Health reform law will insure nearly all uninsured women by 2014

Billings Gazette

The Affordable Care Act requires insurance carriers to cover recommended preventive services such as mammograms free of charge. When the law is fully implemented, most women will have health insurance that covers the health care they need, …

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