If you or someone you know has been a victim of an unsolved crime, it doesn’t have to be locked and put away. A closed case only means the police investigation has come up empty. If justice has not been seen in your cold case, a private eye can bring new reliable and effective methods to investigate what happened.

Some of those methods include research such as:

  • Old fashioned pounding the pavement by person-to-person interviews, evidence search, etc.
  • Specialized computer data analysis and operations.
  • Working undercover.
  • Forensics examinations.

Sometimes the police just don’t have the resources or the time to put together a completely thorough investigation. We don’t want criminals to go uncaught, especially if an innocent person is bearing the punishment behind bars. Sometimes even the most well-intentioned cases are solved incorrectly; they can often be reopened and then remain stuck for months. In all of these scenarios, a professional and experienced private eye can utilize specific skills and tools to point them in a direction that has not been explored before.

How does a private eye work on your cold case?

By using the most advanced technology and skill to:

  • Review and examine all old evidence, case files and reports on the case.
  • Interview all of the witnesses and pound the pavement to find and interview any new witnesses or acquaintances.
  • Revisit and examine the scene of the crime.
  • Re-examine all photographs of your case with fresh perspective.
  • Analyze DNA evidence.
  • Utilize new and advanced logical analysis to help build new leads.
  • Utilize new evaluation tools for re-profiling.
  • Utilize the most up-to-date computer technology for enhancing and filtering digital images.

In interviewing prior, and sometimes new witnesses, as well as others connected to the case, it’s common for a private eye to come up with that probing question that points the private eye in a new direction. Sometimes a piece of information a prior witness thought was unimportant is brought into the light. Sometimes a photograph or evidence examination reveals something that was originally missed.

A private eye can set a fresh eye on the case, offering not just new perspective but also perhaps just a little more of a trusting face where witnesses are more apt to speak freely. Sometimes a contact in a cold case is less willing to talk to police investigators because of feared repercussions. But a private eye is much more approachable.

A private eye can be more willing to listen to you, the victim.

Do you believe the wrong person was convicted? Or do you have concerns or ideas about how the previous investigation was handled or what they might not have done? A private eye will listen and take you seriously all the while, adding professional insight and skill.

A private eye can investigate and help solve all kinds of cases, from manslaughter, homicide and kidnapping to arson, police brutality, rape and suicide.

A professional private eye knows how to work with the legal system.

It’s important that a private eye knows and understands what is admissible in a court of law. A professional private eye has the education and experience to gather evidence and obtain the facts legally so that they can be used in the courts.

An unsolved cold case can often seem like the legal system is working against you rather than for the case and the victim. A private eye can help restart an investigation so that any further evidence is not left under an unturned stone.

At Samos Investigations, we have a thorough knowledge of contract and civil law, and we approach any investigation and fact gathering with a fair and unbiased agenda. You’ll receive a full complement of written reports, and the results of our investigative activities.

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