Personal Injury in Southeastern PA

Personal Injury in PA

With the increase of insurance fraud in recent years, it can be difficult to prove if someone is being truthful when they file an insurance claim. Samos Investigations of Exton applies investigative skills in reviewing records and performing surveillance on targets to ascertain honest and ethical behavior by claimants.

Asset reviews and background checks can be conducted in Southeastern PA. Fraud investigations have been performed for the top 10 major insurance providers for whom we have saved millions of dollars against fraudulent claims.

Personal injuries can be slips and falls, automotive and motorcycle accidents, work accidents, and professional malpractice.

If you want to win your case a private investigator can assist by getting all the facts viable for the case.

Samos Investigations of Exton, PA has years of experience when it comes to locating and taking personal recorded statements in Southeastern PA.

The investigator can immediately tell if the claim is legitimate or if the person is trying to commit fraud. However, the private investigator should never make a final decision on their findings until the investigation is complete.

Witnesses still need to be interviewed or re-interviewed. Going to the scene of the incident and getting photographs always is credible information for the file.

By having a private investigator out in the field doing their due diligence, it can only help your case no matter if you are the plaintiff or defendant.

Nobody likes losing a case, but if you didn’t spend the extra money for a private investigator to confirm the facts, you will most probably have a disappointed client.

What a recent client said…

 “Alex does excellent work.  I recently gave him what I thought was a very difficult assignment and he accomplished it within 24 hours.  I trust him with my most important jobs and you should too!”

David C
Catastrophic Injury Litigator

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