Private investigators located in Exton, PA serving criminal defense, family law, and personal injury attorneys in Southeastern Pennsylvania including Philadelphia and the Main Line.

Investigative services include criminal defense investigations, personal injury investigations, witness location investigations and financial investigations.

Samos Investigative Services offers professional, accurate, and reliable investigative services for attorneys, companies and consumers on matters such as insurance fraud, witness location, nursing home abuse, and domestic investigations. Alex Soutos, owner and principal is a licensed private investigator in Southeastern PA.

He is an experienced investigator and former law enforcement officer who worked with attorneys and insurance companies for over 25 years. Using the most up-to-date databases, technology, and information, Samos Investigations can uncover background to build case evidence or expose concerns. Samos Investigations takes an un-biased approach to finding the truth and helping your case.

Defense Investigations in PA & NJ

Criminal Defense Investigations

Samos Investigations provides investigation services to gather evidence to support plaintiff or defense attorneys. Investigations can include locating and interviewing witnesses regarding circumstances associated with the case….

general investigations

Personal Injury Investigations

With the increase of insurance fraud in recent years, it can be difficult to prove if someone is being truthful when they file an insurance claim. Samos Investigations applies investigative skills in reviewing records and performing surveillance…

Attorney Services

Witness Location Investigations

Witnesses are important elements for success at trial. The unexpected absence of witnesses can cause major problems with case preparation and presentation. There have been many cases where key witnesses skip town or dramatically change stories from police interviews to the courtroom…

Financial investigations

Financial Investigations

Are you sure you want to invest hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars with someone you barely know about their background. Do you want to sign promissory notes with someone you just met or vouched by a friend or colleague who thinks they know this new partner…

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