Defense Investigations


Courtroom-emptySamos Investigations of Philadelphia provides investigation services to gather evidence to support plaintiff or defense attorneys. Investigations can include locating and interviewing witnesses regarding circumstances associated with the case. Pertinent information can be gathered on exact events, eye witness accounts, police report reviews, scene photographs and more.

Why hire a private investigator? By having a professional investigator look into to your client’s case you have a fresh set of eyes reviewing the file. As a former law enforcement officer and a seasoned investigator the first thing I would do is to interview the defendant. This is a perfect Q&A time for the investigator to find out what may or may not have really happened. After the interview a seasoned investigator would go to the crime scene and compare the notes made from the defendant’s interview, review the documentation and statements in the file and take a fresh set of pictures of the crime scene.

As a norm a seasoned investigator will want to re-interview the witnesses, complete a background check on the witnesses and develop new witnesses the prosecution may have overlooked. Finally, the seasoned investigator will want to right a thorough report of their findings and be ready to testify in court with any new findings that were not uncovered in the prosecution investigator. Remember just because the law enforcement report says the defendant did commit the crime, it still has to be proven in a court of law and by having a seasoned private investigator on your defense team it may make a difference from being free or serving 30 years to life.